Virulently Islamophobic DVDs have been sent to 28 million, including every church and synagogue in America. What will you do about it?
An inclusive new way to celebrate Tashlich
Plant seeds of peace. Help restore life-sustaining olive tree orchards
Remember the Nakba
Crisis in Gaza

JVP Blog: MuzzleWatch

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The price of resisting the occupation in Israel: "leftists aren't allowed..."
Who will stand up against Hagee's anti-Semitism?
Interview with New Profile's Ruth Hiller
A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul and Sharm al-Sheikh
The Nakba and Israel's 60th Anniversary
A story the US media will not tell you: The Palestinian Medical Relief Society
JVP News Roundup February 14
Must-read on Gaza Siege from Jewish Peace News
From Cairo: The People in Gaza Challenge Sham Peace Process
JVP News Roundup: Clashing With Egypt

JVP Condemns Siege of Gaza, Ceasefire Violations

Bulldozer Attack

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