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Secret summit held in Jordan
King Abdullah summons PM Olmert, Defense Minister Barak to his palace in Amman, implores them not to launch operation in Gaza, stresses peace between Israel, Palestinians also a strategic interest of Jordan
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Prime Minister Olmert with King Abdullah (Archive photo: Reuters)

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Settlers desecrate mosque
Hebron violence: Rightists injure soldier, spray 'Muhammad the pig' graffiti on local mosque
Photo: AP
Poll: Likud defeats Kadima
Survey ahead of general elections gives Likud 32 Knesset seats; labor crashing with eight
Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Gil Yohanan)
Danes may ban circumcision
Bill calling to raise circumcision age to 15 stirs storm among Denmark's Jewish community
Illustration photo: Yisrael Bardugo
Labor party disappearing
Latest poll shows grim state of what used to be perpetual ruling party, Sima Kadmon says
Photo: Ohad Avidan Kedar
Ayman Al-Zawahri (Photo: AP/HO/IntelCenter)  
Al-Qaeda's No. 2 insults Obama 
Explosion kills Hamas man in Gaza
Ali Waked (09:47 , 11.20.08 )
Cobras return to action after crash
Hanan Greenberg (00:06 , 11.20.08 )
US to lower Israeli airport's safety ranking
Tal Rabinovsky (23:38 , 11.19.08 )
Terror group gloats over Zikim base closure
Ali Waked (22:56 , 11.19.08 )
Peres: Iran wants Mideast religious bloc
Hagit Klaiman (20:48 , 11.19.08 )  
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Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry  
Kind words for Barak/ Eitan Haber
Where is our Zionist vision?
Benny Katzover
Yet another illegal settlement
Dror Etkes
Wake up, Israel
Robert D. Onley
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Jewish World
FM Tzipi Livni (Photo: AFP)  
FM: Israel not rabbis' monopoly
Fiscal crisis prompts anti-Semitism in Europe
Eldad Beck
What about secular intolerance?
Tali Farkash
Poland awards dozens for saving Jews
Associated Press
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Culture & Lifestyle
Elah Fortress (Photo: Foundation Stone)  
Excavation: City of Sha'arayim found
Stolen clocks returned to J'lem museum
Efrat Weiss
Israeli rock band Mashina to play in Brazil
Raz Shechnik
Faces of Israel: Lior from Jerusalem
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Photo: Liquidlibrary  
Twinge of hope for refugees
US physicians complete training in Israel
Size isn’t everything
Energy agency warns of impending oil crisis
Associated Press
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