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Morrison's Mercy

Christine Smallwood: The Nobel Prize-winning author talks about Obama, the writer; the state of language; and her new novel, A Mercy.

  • A Poet's White Heat

    Ange Mlinko: The intimate friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson takes wing in two new books.

  • Alone Among Ghosts

    Marcela Valdes: Roberto Bolaño's last novel, 2666, is his most profound exploration of art and infamy, craft and crime, the writer and the totalitarian state.

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» Capitolism

Left Out | Would it kill Obama to have an actual progressive or two in his cabinet?
Christopher Hayes
Posted 35 minutes ago

» State of Change

GOP Plays a Mean Saxby | But Chambliss's own ads in the Georgia runoff aren't quite so repulsive this time around.
Leslie Savan

» The Beat

Key Committee Pick Signals Obama-Pelosi Direction | Waxman gets Commerce chair, amid signs of focus on healthcare, environment, consumer protection.
John Nichols

» The Dreyfuss Report

That Iranian "Bomb"? Relax. | Obama has lots and lots of time to deal with this problem carefully and rationally.
Robert Dreyfuss

» The Notion

A Clinton Administration? | Given the Obama appointees so far, you might think Hillary had been elected.
Tom Engelhardt

» Passing Through

Should GM Survive? A Wall Street Analyst's View | Maybe they should just let it die.
Jane Hamsher

» Act Now!

Take the Joe Lieberman Pledge | In America, it's never too early to start preparing for the next election.
Peter Rothberg

» Editor's Cut

Smart Defense | Rep. Barney Frank is leading the charge to end the Pentagon's weapons spending spree. Is anybody listening?
Katrina vanden Heuvel

» And Another Thing

Election Updates --Good News and Not | Details on some ongoing stories
Katha Pollitt

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  • Nation's Youth Go Green

    Nation's Youth Go Green
    Brett Story & VideoNation
    Now that they've shown their power at the polls, young voters are channeling their energy into a green economy. Posted at 10:56 ET More »
  • Team of Rivals: Overrated?

    The Daily Show: Barack Obama as Chicago Pope
    The Daily Show
    Obama would rather have his rivals inside the tent peeing out, while Americans want a government that urinates very far away from the tent. More »
  • Close Gitmo, End Military Commissions

    Close Gitmo, End Military Commissions
    Brave New Films
    The ACLU leads a campaign to shed light on the abuses at Gitmo and to pressure Obama to keep his promise to shut it down. More »
  • Obama Obsessed Fans Go Into Withdrawal

    Obama Obsessed Fans Go Into Withdrawal
    The Onion
    Obama's candidacy was the only thing that gave their lives any meaning, now they wander aimlessly, unsure of what to do with themselves. Posted at 2:08 PM ET More »
  • Radio Nation with Laura Flanders

    Laura Flanders
    Radio Nation
    Nick Turse on a scandal that killed 11,000. Plus: Bob Dreyfuss, Patricia Williams and Frances Fox Piven on the nascent Obama policy agenda. More »
  • Liberal Lion Returns

    Sen. Ted Kennedy Returns to Senate
    Talking Points Memo
    Sen. Ted Kennedy triumphantly returns to the Senate and plans to make healthcare reform a top priority. More »
  • Biden Blunder Scale

    Saturday Night Live's Biden Blunder Scale
    Saturday Night Live
    You don't think Joe Biden can give a train-wreck interview with Katie Couric? Just name the time and the place and he will bring the train. More »
  • The Bailout of Joe Lieberman

    Chris Hayes on the Bailout of Joe Lieberman
    The Nation's Chris Hayes suggests that Congress might be too generous lately, by granting Joe Lieberman his beloved Homeland Security chairmanship. More »


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