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Behind Haight sanctions, pope's fear of relativism
Struggle against relativism captures spirit of Benedict's papacy

While there's no indication that Benedict personally directed the action against Haight, it nonetheless reflects his concerns -- especially given that the Vatican's interest in Haight began when the pope was still the prefect of the doctrinal office.
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Voice from Gaza: 'We cry and nobody hears us'
Catholic pastor describes Gaza as 'drowning in blood'

Palestinian hospital worker lays the body of a child beside the bodies of two other children in the Shifa hospital morgue in Gaza Jan. 5. (CNS photo)
'What you see on television cannot be compared to what is happening. The word love is choking in my throat. ... We are living like animals in Gaza. We cry and nobody hears us. I am asking God for mercy and pray.'
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Middle East peace elusive, but pathway still clear
Years of talks have clarified needed concessions from both sides

(CNS photo)
The cruel irony is that the majority of the region's Jews and Palestinians support two-state solution, but the two parties cannot reach an agreement because sizable minorities reject this solution.
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Back from space, astronaut reflects on life, faith, planet
You start to be a little more green after being in space

(NASA photo)
You look at the horizon, and you see the blue atmosphere, and it's very, very thin; then it fades away, and beyond that is just black space. You realize that thin covering is what sustains life on Earth. It's just amazing that it exists.
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Navigating a solitary journey
What happens if you and your soul mate are on divergent spiritual paths?

Americans belive marriage has a spiritual dimension

Donna Erickson Couch
Ten years into marriage, at the age of 31, Donna Erickson Couch found, “Mild stirrings and thoughts about God became stronger and more urgent.” She was felt beckoned into a deeper relationship with God and she needed to explore this, but her husband would have nothing to do with it.

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Spiritual Pathways
Conversations with people on the spiritual quest.
Religion that’s not afraid of science

Religion that’s not afraid of scienceNCR columnist Rich Heffern talks with Dairmuid O’Murchu, Chet Raymo and Michael Dowd about how to integrate science with religion in holy and meaningful ways. An NCR Podcast.

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