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Articles & Analysis

The Real Goal of Israel’s Blockade of Gaza

Jonathan Cook

18 November 2008

The latest tightening of Israel’s chokehold on Gaza – ending all supplies into the Strip for more than a week – has produced immediate and shocking consequences for Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants. The refusal to allow in fuel has forced the shutting down of Gaza’s only power station, creating a blackout that pushed Palestinians bearing candles on to the streets in protest last week. A water and (...)

In Focus

Gaza security costs girl her dream

The Independent

13 November 2008

An outstanding Palestinian student has lost her best chance of realising a burning ambition to study medicine in Britain because she was trapped in Gaza until it was just a day too late to take a crucial written exam in Jordan. Last week Diana Alsadi, 18, was supposed to take the Cambridge biomedical exam that is required by those who want to study at the top four UK medical (...)


IDF troops film themselves humiliating bound Palestinian


7 November 2008

Channel 10 on Thursday released footage taken by Israel Defense Forces soldiers of themselves humiliating a bound and blindfolded Palestinian man at a West Bank checkpoint.

Press release

“Tales from Gaza”: Dr. Mustafa Barghouti and Mairead Maguire returns from the Strip and call for international solidarity with the Palestinian people

Palestinian National Initiative

21 November 2008

Ramallah, 20-11-08: Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi MP, the Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, held today a joint press conference with Mairead Maguire, the Irish Nobel Peace Laureate. Late October, they both were member of the crew of the SS Dignity, the second boat that sailed and broke the Israeli siege on the Gaza (...)

Articles & Analysis

A Clear Case of Provocation.

Palestine Monitor

8 November 2008

After reading the Jerusalem Post article “IAF Kills Islamic Jihad Terrorist in Northern Gaza Strike” this morning (Nov 6th) I felt like I was living in an alternate reality. Then I decided that I was not, and that perhaps the Post had mixed things up. This is the response to their confusion and a call for a return to (...)

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