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Books under review:
Eyal Weizman, Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation (New York: Verso, 2007)
Saree Makdisi, Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation (New York: W.W. Norton, 2008)
Neve Gordon, Israel’s Occupation (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008)

In his acknowledgements, Neve Gordon tells of a meeting in Jerusalem at which the “Humanitarian Action in Catastrophe” group identified an “urgent need to theorize Israel's occupation” (xiii). The result is this book, Israel's Occupation. It is an impressive and important achievement, and one to which future analysts will be obliged to refer.

Israel has used Gaza as a free fire zone for 22 days and nights. Inevitably, the question arises how could Israel’s occupation become so brutal taking into account the country’s claim of being a “benign occupation power”. Neve Gordon’s book asks exactly that question.

There are many sources of information from websites through newspapers to books that carry significant referenced information about the history and context of the Israel/Palestine problem that, with the support of the U.S. government and the ambitions of the Israelis, has become a global problem.

Israeli methods of controlling Palestinians have changed but not lessened their grip, says Lori Allen